Alere Inc. is a group of several leading and prominent diagnostic and health management companies, and their products and services range from lab-based diagnostics to in-home monitoring solutions. Alere's solutions are available on a global level.

Alere Products at Block Scientific

Block Scientific is a leading supplier and distributor of Alere products in the U.S market. We supply a wide range of Alere products such as hemoglobin/ hematocrit analyzer, coagulation analyzers, inratio strips and chemistry analyzers.

HemoPoint H2

The Alere HemoPoint H2 provides a fast, reliable measurement of an individual’s hemoglobin level in a professional point of care setting. By using a single drop of blood, this analyzer can provide accurate results for hemoglobin and an estimated hematocrit level*—in less than a minute. It uses microcuvette technology to minimize the contamination of blood in the meter.


  • Fast
  • Advanced technology
  • 4000 test result memory
  • Quick result time
  • Easy to operate
Alere INRatio®2 PT/INR Monitor

Alere INRatio 2PT/INR Monitor is designed for people taking a prescription anticoagulation medication, such as Coumadin® or warfarin, which helps to prevent harmful blood clots. It connects reliable results with practical convenience in optimal in-office or home testing solution for anticoagulation management. It can store up to 120 test results.


  • On board quality control
  • Small sample size
  • Yields results in about 60 seconds
  • Print Results to the INRatio® Printer
Alere Triage® MeterPro 55070, New

The Alere Triage® MeterPro 55070 is a comprehensive testing platform for use in the laboratory or at the point of care. The comprehensive test menu includes cardiovascular, renal, toxicology, and women's health assays (some assays not available in the USA). Connect to the diagnostic answers you need to safely make rapid treatment decisions.


  • Easy to Use: 20 immunoassays on 1 platform
  • Fast: Results in about 15-20 minutes
  • Flexible: Whole blood, plasma, or urine
  • Reliable: Controls built into the meter, software, and test device
  • Cost Effective: Low overall operating costs

Other Products Offered by Alere Include

  • Epoc BGEM Smart Card-50pk
  • Triage® BNP Test
  • epoc™ point of care blood analysis system with HH00090000 Epoc Host Motorola
  • Cholestech LDX® System

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