Client Testimonials

Testimonials "As part of our commitment to produce high quality products to our customers at Sekisui, we believe our suppliers are a critical part that process. Working together to build a strong relationship is fundamental and we appreciate your continued service and support.

Annually, Sekisui has been performing supplier report cards outlining the performances on our suppliers. Recently, it was decided that we share these results with our suppliers selected.

For the year 2010, we have processed 7 purchase orders from Block Scientific. As per our score card, Block Scientific scored 100 % and has remained a preferred supplier on our approved supplier list. Our records indicate that Block Scientific have been very responsive to the needs of Sekisui Diagnostics P.E.I. Inc. as well as providing valuable customer support.

Again, thank you for all of your continued support and we look forward to continuing business with Block Scientific."

---- Sekisui Diagnostics P.E.I. Inc..

"We have been doing business with Block Scientific Inc since July 1998. Their professionalism is amazing, and we receive our medical items in very good condition, intact, despite the long distance shipment to Africa. The prices are very attractive and after sales services are prompt."

---- ARINZE NWABIA, Biofig Nigeria Ltd.

"I thank you for taking the time to make this happen. Your consideration of our mission and efforts to procure this centrifuge will provide us with an essential piece of equipment, without which we literally cannot operate the blood bank portion of the laboratory. Please know that your kindness has secured the future health and quality care for our soldiers and that this is truly an act of heroism in itself. You can never know the lives that you will be indirectly responsible for helping/saving, but know that, in fact, it came down to the use of a centrifuge and you were the one who got it to us."

"Again, I cannot say thank you enough or impart upon you the impact this gift will have on our mission here in IRAQ. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

--- XXX, Colonel, USAF, Commander, XXXX

"Thanks to Block Scientific, I was able to procure the recertified Bayer DCA 2000+ without hassles and get the lab back in operation. The device works perfectly and I look forward to doing more business with Block Scientific."

--- Mathew Anderson, New Jersey

"Block Scientific never ceases to surprise our organization. We have been dealing with them for over 5 years now and enjoying the best support ever. The Roche Reflotron which we purchased recently looks brand new and works seamlessly. Kudos to Block Scientific!"

--- Andrew Thompson, Manhattan

"I bought the new Summit Frost Free Freezer SCFF55 for my lab. The device is working perfectly fine. Thanks to Block Scientific and the entire team."

--- Heidi Fernandez, Toronto, Canada

"Just a note to thank you for the speedy, efficient dispatch and delivery of the order! We have been dealing with Block Scientific for several years now. Recently, we have purchased the new product - Mini Orbitron Rotating Mixer 115V. We have set up the device and tested it. It works great."

--- Peter Samuel, Oregon

"We purchased recertified medical equipment from Block Scientific. The instrument arrived in excellent condition, very well packed. We have set up the device and tested it. It works great."

--- William Scott, New Hampshire

"I was confused when buying used medical equipment for my lab, because my colleagues and friends had discouraged me from buying used laboratory equipment. Since my budget was really tight, I bought them from Block Scientific. The instruments are excellent, working in absolutely good condition! I am confident our future purchases will be through Block Scientific."

--- Christina Stephenson, Indiana

"We have had a great experience working with Block Scientific. They have provided us with extraordinary service. Timely and prompt delivery of the products! Thank you very much for all the efforts."

--- Craig McMillan, California

"I purchased a Roche Hitachi 911 Chemistry Analyzer from Block Scientific three years back. I was very pleased with the experience. With several chemistry analyzers to choose from, I went for one that is fully automated- discrete- computerized chemistry analyzer. I've had no issues with this product so far. Block Scientific's customer service is second to none. I am very satisfied with both product and service."

-- Vincent Jermine, Chicago