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Reagent Container, 4mL, for Cobas Mira Reagent Container, 10mL, for Cobas Mira, Bag of 100 Reagent Container, 35mL, for Cobas Mira
Printer Paper, Thermal, for Roche Cobas Mira & Fara Printer Paper, Thermal, for Roche Mira S, Mira + & Fara II Cuvette Trays & 24 Disposal Bags for Bayer/Chiron
Sample Tube, Polypropylene, 2 x  for AxSym 500/Unit Cuvette Cartridge 20-Place Cuvette Rotors for IL ACL Analyzers
1.0 mL Nesting Cup for 13 mm Tubes, 1000 per bag 2.0mL Nesting Cup for 16 mm Tubes, 1000 per bag Reaction Tube for Sysmex CA Series Analyzers, 1000 per bag
Mira Cuvettes Case of 500 Globe Mira Cuvette Segments Rack-Pack Case of 450 ISE Tubing Kit for Roche Cobas Mira
Printer Paper for Roche Cobas Mira - 24 rolls per case Reagent Probe for Roche Cobas Mira Sample syringe for Cobas Mira 100ul
Reagent Syringe for Roche Cobas Mira 1000ul Ciba Corning Cuvette Tray Cuvette Segment for Mindray BS200 analyzer
Cuvette Segment for Mindray BS300 Analyzer