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Chemistry Reagents Consumables

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Printer Paper, Thermal, for Roche Mira S, Mira + & Fara II 0.25 mL Multi-Purpose Sample Cups, 1000 per bag 1.5mL Sample Cups, 1000/bag
2.0 mL Sample Cups, 1000/bag 4.0 mL Sample Cups, 1000/bag 1.0 mL Nesting Cup for 13 mm Tubes, 1000 per bag
2.0mL Nesting Cup for 16 mm Tubes, 1000 per bag 5ml False Bottom Tube, PP, 1000 per bag Screwcap for Secondary Tubes 5527, 1000 per bag
Universal Plug Stopper for 5527, 1000 per bag Cap for 0.5ml & 2ml Sample Cups, 1000 per bag Cap with Cross Cuts for 0.25ml Sample Cup, 1000 per bag
Sample Cup with Cap for Cobas Mira, Bio, Fara and Horiba ABX Analyzers, Green