Phoenix Diagnostics

Based in Natick, Massachusetts, Phoenix Diagnostics Inc is a premier alternative manufacturer of consumables for blood gas, electrolyte, co-oximetry, and chemistry analyzers worldwide. Since 1989, they have been providing technologically advanced product line of replacement reagents, calibrators, quality controls, and electrodes with extensive instrument coverage and analyte breadth.

Over the last five years, Phoenix Diagnostics has considerably diversified its alternative consumables portfolio to include a full supplement of replacements reagents, calibration packs, and electrodes designed for use with over 100 different blood gas, electrolyte, co-oximetry, and chemistry analyzers.

Phoenix Diagnostics Consumable Products

Block Scientific is pleased to provide you Phoenix Diagnostics consumable products including:

Reagent Cal Pack for AVL 9130

ISE Reagent Pack

  • OEM Cat #: BP5016
  • Phoenix Pkg: Each
  • OEM Pkg: Each

Na/pH Conditioning Solution for AVL 9100 Series

All AVL 9100 Series

  • OEM Cat #: BP0380
  • Phoenix Pkg: 125ml
  • OEM Pkg: 100ml

7.3 Cal Reagent for Bayer 800 Series

7.3 / Co-Ox Zero

  • OEM Cat #: 473385
  • Phoenix Pkg: 6x150ml
  • OEM Pkg: 6x150ml

Conditioning Kit for Bayer 800 Series

  • OEM Cat #: 473691
  • Phoenix Pkg: 10x2ml
  • OEM Pkg: 5x2ml

Bayer 238 Slope Solution

  • OEM Cat #: 473962
  • Phoenix Pkg: 50x2ml
  • OEM Pkg: 50x2ml

Our Product Range

  • Wash Zero Reagent for Bayer 800 Series
  • High G/L for Bayer 800 Series
  • pO2 Electrode for Bayer 800 Series
  • Bayer 238 Humidifier Fill Solution
  • Bayer 348 Buffer Pack
  • Ref Fill Solution for Bayer 200 Series/348
  • Na Electrode for Bayer 200 Series/348
  • Cleaning Solution for AU 600, AU 800, AU 1000, AU 5200, 4 x 100ml
  • ISE Low Standard for AU 600, AU 800, AU 1000, AU 5200, 4 x 100ml
  • Hitergent for 900 Series; 14 x 100ml
  • K Electrode for Medica Series
  • Tubing Kit for Medica Series

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