Tosoh Bioscience

Based in South San Francisco, CA Tosoh Bioscience, Inc., is a U.S. subsidiary of Tosoh Corporation's Bioscience Division, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. The company is known for providing sophisticated diagnostic systems to doctor's offices, hospitals and reference laboratories. Tosoh Corporation was established in 1935. The company has an established reputation and maintains leadership in Clinical Diagnostics.

Block Scientific is pleased to offer chemistry analyzers from Tosoh Bioscience.

Products We Offer from Tosoh Bioscience

Tosoh 360 Chemistry Analyzer

Tosoh 360 is a fully automated, continuous random access chemistry analyzer that offers automation powers and performance like that of a large analyzer.

This analyzer makes use of Tosoh's standardized Unit Dose Test Cup reagent format, and performs about 36 tests per hour. Using this device, fast and accurate results can be obtained for cardiac markers, thyroid and reproductive hormones, tumor markers, anemia assays and more.

  • On-board camera for analyte identification
  • Interchangeable reagents
  • Performs about 36 tests per hour

Tosoh 600 II Immunoassay Analyzer

Tosoh 600 II is a fully automated chemistry analyzer that offers flexible operation with random access capabilities. You can either perform single assays or prepare complete patient profiles. A wide range of assays can be performed including thyroid hormones, cardiac markers, tumor markers, reproductive hormones, anemia, TDMs and additional assays.

  • Random access for both routine and STAT immunoassays
  • Automated sample diluent and pre-treatment
  • Full test menu

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