Abbott Diagnostics

Abbott, a global healthcare company, is dedicated to providing a broad range of innovative instrument systems and tests for hospitals, reference labs, physician offices, and clinics. Abbott’s dedication to diagnostics extends beyond products and services. Abbott Diagnostics offers a wide range of support materials and tools—including education, training, and scientific publications—to help optimize workflow and efficiency in the lab.

A leading lab equipment supplier in the U.S, Block Scientific is proud to be a distributor of Abbott Diagnostics. We offer a wide range of analyzers from Abbott Diagnostics.

Cell Dyn 3700 SL

CELL-DYN 3700 offers advanced diagnostic capability for clinical laboratories. The instrument performs simultaneous optical and impedance measurements on white blood cells, and has been designed to choose the correct answer even in the presence of problematic specimens.The system provides a complete 23-parameter CBC at the rate of 90 samples per hour.

Cell Dyn 3500 SL

Cell Dyn 3500 SL is a multi-tasking system capable of producing 22 hematological parameters that include the basis for a five-part WBC differential. The instrument features an automatic start-up cycle that enhances the flow system and ensures the background counts.

Cell Dyn 1800

Abbott Cell Dyn 1800 is an automated hematology analyzer, specially designed to meet the growing needs of today’s changing laboratory environment. This single bench-top analyzer with an expanded data management system can handle up to 10,000 samples.


  • Simple operation
  • Results are available within 60 seconds
  • High resolution color LCD monitor with three histogram displays
  • Uses impedance resistance to measure human cells

Other Products on Offer

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  • Cell Dyn 3200

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