Since 1981, Olympus Diagnostic Systems Group of Olympus America Inc. has been offering innovative solutions to meet the productivity demands of healthcare establishments such as hospitals, reference laboratories, integrated healthcare delivery networks, blood banks and pharmaceutical labs.

The company has a wide inventory of random access, chemistry-immuno analyzers and laboratory automation systems, and their innovative solutions provide laboratories with maximum productivity.

As a leading supplier of quality laboratory equipment, Block Scientific provides efficient, refurbished chemical analyzers from Olympus that come with 90 day parts warranty.

Olympus AU640e Chemistry Analyzer

Olympus AU640e can conduct 1200 tests per hour. This recertified equipment is well-suited for use in single or multiple locations. Its standardized design provides a broad test menu including homogeneous immunoassays for protein analytes, such as immunoglobulin, apolipoproteins, comple-ment components, and many more.

Olympus AU400 Chemistry Analyzer

Its sophisticated design helps to reduce operating costs, increase productivity and deliver fast, reliable results. It can conduct 800 tests per hour. Whatever type of AU Series of chemistry immune systems is used as s specialty unit or primary analyzer in laboratories, it helps to produce the same reference ranges and reliable results and provides efficient inventory management.

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