Instrumentation Laboratory

Instrumentation Laboratory is a market leader in manufacturing diagnostic instruments for critical care and homeostasis. They specially focus on new emerging technologies and give value to the commitments to customers, providing innovative and quality services.

Instrumentation Laboratory Products at Block Scientific

As a leading lab equipment dealer in the US, Block Scientific is proud to supply products such as coagulation analyzers, electrolyte analyzers and co-oximeters offered by Instrumentation Laboratory.

IL ACL 1000

IL ACL 1000 is a coagulation analyzer from Instrumentation Laboratory intended for clinical use for the testing of coagulation and fibrinolysis. This instrument is highly efficient and suitable for carrying out various clotting assays such as APCR-V and LAC.


  • Fully automated system
  • Clotting assays include LAC, Factors and APCR-V
  • Equipped with direct tube sampling from original collection vials
  • Bar code capability feature
  • Minimal maintenance requirement

IL ACL 6000

IL ACL 6000 is a fully automatic coagulation analyzer. This analyzer is intended for analyzing fibrinogen, PT, TT, protein S, protein C and many more. It provides timely medical reports.


  • Additional stored calibrations
  • Sample and calibrator auto dilution
  • Alphanumeric identifications for samples
  • Optional extra printer

IL 682 Co-oximeters

IL 682 is an excellent choice among Co-oximeters, which delivers accurate and efficient analysis. It can measure THb, O2Hb, MetHb and O2Cap parameters. This equipment can accept capillary tubes sample any time without adaptors.


  • Simple fluidics
  • Easy operation
  • Automatic self cleaning
  • Sampling versatility

IL 943 Electrolyte analyzer

IL 943 is a flame photometer used for measuring potassium, sodium, lithium, plasma and aqueous solutions. This equipment allows computer controlled functions.


  • Printer integrated
  • Automatic fault monitoring
  • Optional auto sampler with 32 sample positions
  • Controls and consumables available

Other Product Range from Instrumental Laboratory

  • IL ACL 100
  • IL ACL 200
  • IL ACL 3000
  • IL ACL 7000
  • IL ACL Futura

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