Headquartered in New Jersey near Princeton, UNICO is a leading manufacturer of laboratory equipment. UNICO was founded in 1991. Since then, they have been providing a diverse range of medical laboratory equipment for variety of applications.

UNICO has an aggressive new product development program consisting of digital microscopy systems, microscopes, centrifuges, mixers and more.

As an established laboratory equipment provider, Block Scientific carries an extensive line of products, including differential counters, centrifuges, mixers, shakers, and rotators.

PowerSpin FX C806

The UNICO Power Spin FX series centrifuges are extremely quiet for a better working environment. PowerSpin FX C806 spins at 3, 400 rpm and it features a timer and on/off switch, detachable power cord, and more.

Micro-Hematocrit (C-MH30)

The UNICO Model C-MH30 is made of formed metal and has a baked paint application that is acid and reagent resistant. A safety switch built into the handle assembly disconnects the power to the motor whenever the latch is lifted.

Unico Tube Rocker/Mixer, 110V (L-TTR100)

The UNICO model Rock-IT Jr. L-TTR100 tube rocker is one of the most utilized tools for the laboratory. L-TTR100 is a heavy duty, almost silent mixer designed for years of everyday use. It has a capacity of 8 tubes or mix of tubes and vials with a speed of 25 rocking cycles per minute. The tube pad is reversible and autoclavable.

Unico Pipette Shaker, 110 V (L-P600T)

The UNICO L-P600T pipette shaker is a standard for all hematology labs performing special tests and manual techniques. It has a capacity of 6 white or red blood cell pipettes and the choice of continuous mixing or timed mixing up to 15 min. The 3-position switch, timer and power indicator light makes this sturdy unit an invaluable hematology tool.

Our Unico Product Line Also Includes

  • Unico 5 Key differential counter, L-BC6
  • Unico 8-key differential counter, L-BC9
  • PowerSpin VX C816
  • PowerSpin LX C858, 110V
  • PowerSpin BX C884, 110V

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