Globe Scientific

Established in 1982, Globe Scientific Inc. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality laboratory plasticware, glassware and bench-top equipment. Globe Scientific has been supplying products for many industries including the clinical, research, hospital, veterinary, kit manufacturing, education, and specialty markets. Their disposable laboratory plasticware is offered for all areas of the laboratory including chemistry, coagulation, hematology, histology, and microbiology. Globe Scientific’s headquarters is located in Paramus, New Jersey.

Globe Scientific Products We Offer

One of the leading laboratory equipment providers in New York City, Block Scientific offers reagents, controls, and consumables from Globe Scientific.

Tip Cleaner Solution

Tip cleaner solution for use on Roche Cobas Mira, Mira L, Mira S and Mira Plus analyzers, 4 x 100mL

Coagulation Timer Cup

Coagulation timer cup for use on Prothrombin Time Instruments (BBL Fibrometer and other brands)

Sample Cups

Sample cup, for use on Roche Cobas Mira analyzers, Roche Cobas Bio analyzers, Roche Cobas Fara analyzers

Ace Sample Cup

Sample Cup for use on Alpha Wassermann

Disposal Bags

Disposal bag units for use on Ciba Corning 550 Express & Express Plus analyzers

Cuvettes for Coagulation Analyzers

These cuvettes are perfect for coagulation analyzers (CU 500, Fibrintimer, Logos and other brands)

Dilution Cup, 30mL Capacity, 71mm Height

Flexivial hematology cup, 30mL capacity, 71mm height, for use on hematology cell counters (Cell-Dyn and other brands)<

Other Product Range

  • Thermal Printer Paper
  • Blood Cell Counting Vial, Bulk, 4 x 250/Unit
  • Globe Mira Cuvette Segments Rack-Pack #5123
  • Microcentrifuge Tube with Cap
  • Plug cap
  • Sample cup with holed cap
  • Centrifuge tubes
  • Sample needles
  • Reagent probes and syringe
  • Sample syringe

For further assistance, you can contact Block Scientific on phone: 1-866-203-5777 or forward an e-mail to