Helena Laboratories

Helena Laboratories is a clinical laboratory instrument and reagent manufacturer. With hundreds of laboratory products and more than 40 registered patents, Helena continues to be a market leader in the development of new diagnostic tests. Its corporate headquarters is located in Beaumont, Texas.

Block Scientific is pleased to provide a wide range of products from Helena. The products we offer include, but are not limited to the following.

Cascade M Coagulation Analyzer

Cascade M, 2-channel analyzer, 4-line screen, 110V / 220V

Cascade M is a manual hemostasis analyzer, ideal for all routine clotting assays - PTs, aPTTs, thrombins, fibrinogens and factor assays. Designed for easy, inexpensive, low-volume testing, these analyzers are small in size but feature-rich, offering you many time and labor saving benefits. Operation is simple and economical.

Cascade M-4 Coagulation Analyzer

Cascade M-4, 4-channel analyzer, 6-line screen, 110V / 220V. These are ideal for all routine clotting assays - PTs, aPTTs, thrombins, fibrinogens and factor assays.

Thromboplastin Reagent

Thromboplastin Reagent, 200 tests, 10 x 4 mL

Thromboplastin Reagent is prepared from rabbit brain tissue for use in automated, semi-automated and manual PT tests and assays for Factors II, V, VII and X. Reagent is lyophilized; reconstitute with water. Reconstituted stability is 7 days at 2-8°C. International Sensitivity Index (ISI) values are between 2.0 and 2.5.

Also available: 10x10 mL, 10x20mL

Calcium Chloride

Calcium Chloride, 10 x 10 mL
aPTT-ES Reagent is an optically clear, stabilized liquid with a soluble ellagic acid activator. It's extra sensitive to heparin, lupus-like anticoagulants, and factor deficiencies.

aPTT-SA, 10 x 10 mL

aPTT-SA Reagent, 1000 tests

0.025 M Calcium Chloride, 1000 tests, 10 x 10 mL

aPTT-SA reagent uses a soluble ellagic acid activator to provide a more optically clear reagent, an important consideration for automated analyzers with sensitive photo-optical detectors. Ellagic acid reagents also offer excellent precision and sensitivity. aPTT-SA reagent is a stabilized liquid available in three convenient kit sizes.

Our Range of Helena Products also Includes

  • aPTT-SA (5x5mL)
  • aPTT-ES (5x10mL)
  • Ab-Trol 3 Control
  • Cascade M Printer Paper
  • Norm-Trol 1 Control
  • Factor V (10x1mL)
  • Factor VII (10x1mL)
  • Factor VIII (10x1mL)
  • Factor IX (10x1mL)
  • Factor X (10x1mL)
  • Factor XI (10x1mL)
  • Factor XII (10x1mL)
  • Thromboplastin-MI Reagent Kits
  • SAC-1 Specialty Assay Control
  • Owren's Veronal Buffer
  • Fibrinogen Calibrator

For more information reach us at 1-866-203-5777 and at info@blockscientific.com.