Stanbio Laboratory

Stanbio Laboratory has been developing, manufacturing and distributing a complete line of quality clinical diagnostic products in the United States since 1960. Over the years, it has continued to provide the latest advancements in diagnostic technology. Stanbio has shown consistent growth while providing equipment and industry-leading quick testing supplies. They are headquartered in Boerne, Texas.

Stanbio Clinical Diagnostic Products We Offer

Block Scientific provides Stanbio's line of point of care analyzers, and their accessories and consumables.

HemoPoint H2

Using a single drop of blood, Stanbio's HemoPoint H2 offers accurate results for hemoglobin/hematocrit (calculated) tests in just ten seconds! The touch screen displays the current time, battery status and has a new battery backlight feature improving readability throughout the self prompting test procedure. The HemoPoint H2 features a proprietary soft load cuvette holder to minimize blood contamination of the meter.

HemoPoint H2 n.x.t Microcuvettes

HemoPoint H2 n.x.t Microcuvettes are available in 2 x 50 and 4 x 50 cuvette packs. Microcuvettes specifications include: faster measuring time, simplified sample drawing, faster drawing of samples into cuvette, longer shelf life.

HemoPoint H2 Hgb Controls (Bi- Level, Tri-Level)

This point-of-care analyzer provides immediate lab-quality results for both hemoglobin and hematocrit from one test, so you get twice the work from a single instrument. The instrument features a proprietary soft load cuvette holder designed to minimize contamination of the meter. Stanbio's unique and innovative microcuvette technology eliminates the need for more invasive blood-drawing techniques.

Here are some of the accessories and consumables we provide from Stanbio.

  • HemoPoint H2 Optics Cleaner
  • Printer, DPU-414, Includes Power Adaptor and Interface Cable
  • Printer Power Adaptor
  • Printer Thermal Paper
  • Printer Cable
  • Printer Battery Pack
  • Power Adaptor for HemoPoint H2
  • HemoPoint H2 Demo Unit with Carrying Case

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