Medica's products are specifically designed for the small- to medium-sized in-vitro diagnostic lab market. Founded in 1983, Medica is actively engaged in the development of new technology on which the company will base future analyzers with these same characteristics. Medica used its proprietary knowledge of ion-selective electrodes and analytical microchemistry to manufacture a line of easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain, low-cost blood testing analyzers. Medica introduced easy-to-use bench top analyzer in 1984.

Block Scientific

Block Scientific is pleased to offer quality laboratory equipment from Medica for your clinical application needs.

Medica EasyElectrolytes

EasyElectrolytes focuses on the laboratory's need to deliver sample results economically. A unique electrode design, combined with precise control of calibrator volumes, ensures economical operation and low cost per sample.

Medica's EasyElectrolytes analyzers measure Na+, K+, and Cl- in whole blood, serum, urine, and plasma. Measured results are displayed and printed in 35 seconds on a 55 uL serum sample. Simple yes/no prompted display messages guide the user through analyzer operation. The modular design makes maintenance easy.

Medica EasyLyte Na/K Analyzer

Medica's EasyLyte analyzers are completely automated, microprocessor controlled electrolyte systems that use current ISE (Ion Selective Electrode) technology to make electrolyte measurements. The EasyLyte Na/K Analyzer measures various combinations of sodium and potassium in whole blood, serum, plasma, or urine.

Medica EasyLyte EasySampler

Medica EasyLyte EasySampler provides automated batch sampling of serum, plasma, or diluted urine with the EasyLyte Na/K, Na/K/Cl, and Na/K/Li electrolyte analyzers.

EasyElectrolytes Na/K/Li Reagent Module

Self-contained Reagent Module contains liquid calibrants and collects all wastes.

Our Range of Medica Products also Includes

  • EasyLyte Na/K/CL Analyzer
  • EasyLyte Na/K/Li Analyzer
  • EasyLyte Expand Analyzer
  • EasyLyte Na/K/Ca/pH Analyzer
  • EasyElectrolytes Reference Sensor
  • EasyElectrolytes Barcode Reader Kit
  • EasyLyte Daily Rinse/Cleaning Solution Kit
  • EasyLyte Capillary Adapter Cleaning Kit
  • EasyLyte Quality Control Cup
  • EasyElectrolytes Daily Cleaning Solution Kit
  • EasyElectrolytes Sodium Sensor
  • EasyElectrolytes Red Test Dye Solution
  • EasyElectrolytes Capillary Tube Kit
  • EasyLyte Sample Tray
  • EasyLyte Potassium Electrode
  • EasyLyte Calcium Reference Electrode
  • EasyLyte Reference Electrode
  • EasyLyte Urine Diluent
  • EasyLyte Membrane Assembly
  • EasyLyte Operators Manual, NA/K/Cl/Li
  • EasyLyte Capillary Tubes
  • EasyLyte Internal Filling Solution
  • EasyLyte Tri-Level QC Kit

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