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Chemistry Analyzers

Block Scientific is committed to offering a wide range of chemistry analyzers and their accessories that promote individualized care and accurate outcomes. We have in stock both new and refurbished models at our store. Products are available from industry leading manufacturers such as Awareness Technology, Alfa Wasserman, Olympus, Roche, and others.

We are constantly expanding our clinical chemistry analyzers portfolio to provide our customers with a broad offering of superior quality, reliable products.

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Abaxis Piccolo Xpress Alfa Wassermann ACE Alfa Wassermann ACE Alera
Abaxis Piccolo Xpress
Our Price: 8,500.00
Alfa Wassermann ACE
Our Price: 9,500.00
Alfa Wassermann ACE Alera
Our Price: 14,500.00
STAT FAX 3300 Chemistry Analyzer STAT FAX 4500 Chemistry Analyzer External Incubator for Stat Fax 3300 Chemistry Analyzer
Awareness Technology STAT FAX 3300 Chemistry Analyzer
List Price: $4,190.48
Our Price: 2,993.20
You save $1,197.28!
Awareness Technology STAT FAX 4500 Chemistry Analyzer
List Price: $3,185.00
Our Price: 2,275.00
You save $910.00!

External Compact Keyboard for 3300 Chemistry Analyzer Mosquito 2400 Aspiration Flow Cell accessory for 1904+ Redi-Check Photometer QA Check Set
STAT FAX 1904 Plus Chemistry Analyzer UniCel DxC 800 Synchron Clinical Systems Dade Dimension Xpand w/HM
Awareness Technology STAT FAX 1904 Plus Chemistry Analyzer
List Price: $2,793.00
Our Price: 1,995.00
You save $798.00!
Dade Dimension Xpand w/HM
Our Price: 16,500.00
Elan ATAC 8000 J & J DT-60 II J & J Vitros 250
Elan ATAC 8000
Our Price: 9,500.00
J & J DT-60 II
Our Price: 5,500.00
J&J Vitros 250
Our Price: 12,500.00
EasyRA Clinical Chemistry Analyzer Olympus AU640e Olympus AU400
Olympus AU640e
Our Price: 38,500.00
Olympus / Beckman CoulterAU480 AU680 Roche Cobas Mira
Roche Cobas Mira
Our Price: 8,850.00
Roche Cobas Mira Plus Roche Hitachi 717 Roche Hitachi 911
Roche Cobas Mira Plus
Our Price: 10,500.00
Roche Hitachi 717
Our Price: 12,500.00
Roche Hitachi 911
Our Price: 18,500.00
Roche Cobas Mira Plus CC Roche Cobas Mira S Chemistry Analyzer Roche Hitachi 917 Chemistry Analyzer
Roche Cobas Mira Plus CC
Our Price: 12,500.00
Roche Cobas Mira S
Our Price: 9,500.00
Roche Hitachi 917
Our Price: 22,500.00
Roche Reflotron Roche Reflotron Plus Roche Integra 400 Plus Chemistry Analyzer
Roche Reflotron
Our Price: 2,950.00
Roche Reflotron Plus
Our Price: 8,975.00
Roche Integra 400 Plus
Our Price: 14,500.00